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Who  we are

DeD Consulting is a credit brokerage company registered in the OAM register (supervised by the Bank of Italy) specialized in the Corporate sector.

DeD Consulting associates and partners are professionals with many years of experience in national and foreign companies and banks.

Among the partners of DeD Consulting there are professionals with the following qualifications


    • registration in the register of credit brokers
    • qualification to practice the profession of Auditor
    • qualification to practice the profession of chartered accountants
    • qualification to practice the profession of financial advisor

The dynamism and results orientation that characterize the resources employed in DeD Consulting have made it possible, to date, to successfully meet the challenges proposed by the market.

Among our customers we include:

    • medical product distribution companies;
    • hardware and software manufacturing and distribution companies;
    • companies that own and manage cinemas;
    • advertising companies;
    • real estate companies;
    • companies producing machinery for the extraction of energy sources;
    • companies providing integrated services to public and private companies and bodies;
    • companies that implement “turnkey” healthcare projects;



DeD Consulting

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+39 06 5740 786

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VAT number and Fiscal Code. / VAT code: 06359441000 

Registration with the Rome Chamber of Commerce / Registration at the Rome Chamber of Commerce :  n. 964113

Share capital / Paid up capital:
€240,000.00 fully paid / Fully Paid

Registration in the OAM register of credit brokers / Registration to Credit Broker Register:
no. M8